Christian Bühlmann (2009). « Asymmetric Strategies. » Military Power Revue de l’Armée suisse, Beilage zur Allgemeine schweizerische Militärzeitschrift. 175, no. 8 (2009): p. 8 ff.

Many models have been proposed to explain the transformation of the use of force as an instrument of policies, announcing the end of conventional war, its transformation or the apparition of new variants of it. In parallel, the concept of asymmetry is used pervasively in literature. Yet, it does suffer from an excess of diverse, contradictory definitions. Several pundits have even contested its applicability and usefulness. How can this concept help ascertaining the characteristics of contemporary conflicts?

Version adaptée de ma thèse de master (Christian Bühlmann (2008) « Does “Asymmetry” Help Better Understand Modern Conflicts? – RCDS 2007 Dissertation. » In Seaford House Papers 2007, London: RCDS.)

« Asymmetric Strategies »

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