Hello, I’m Christian Bühlmann.

Here is how I prefer to keep in touch:

    • My favorite way to converse is per email. You can initiate the interaction through my contact page
    • I only write on my website, where I post articles and notes
  • Check my Follow page for the best ways to keep up with me.
  • I POSSE on LinkedIn to mainain professional contact.
  • I do not post on other social media. Facebook and Twitter don’t allow cross-posting, so my accounts are dormant. I won’t see your comments or direct messages in those spaces.

To quote Mark Gardner,

My ide­al is a per­son­al web­site where I write every­thing, includ­ing long-​form arti­cles, short sta­tus­es, and replies like these. Folks can then find me via a sin­gle iden­ti­fi­able address and then subscribe/​follow the entire fire­hose of con­tent or choose sub­sets accord­ing to post types, top­ics, or tags. They’d then be able to reply or react on my site or their favored plat­form, which my site would col­lect regard­less of ori­gin, with sub­se­quent replies and reac­tions get­ting pushed out to them. Oh, and it should work with both ActivityPub clients and servers, IndieWeb sites, and syndicate/​backfeed to oth­er social net­works […].

Last updated March 10, 2024.

This is a Hello page, an idea from Alastair Johnston via Cygnoir.

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