If you want to follow me, here are the best ways to do so:

  • This site is my centeral hub. Everything I share online starts from here.  I welcome comments, or links from your own website. Mentions may appear here. You can subscribe to my RSS feeds (see below) to follow all or part of my activities.
  • I sometimes repost on Linkedin, but I am more responsive on this site.
  • Main RSS feed.


RSS is my prefered subscription mechanism as you can follow me without beeing tracked. This site has multiple feeds.

  1. Feedreaders should be able to discover the main feed and responses feed on their own.
  2. This is a WordPress site, so almost everything also has its own RSS feed.


  • The main RSS feed gives access the all new content.
  • On this WordPress site, everything (more or less) also has its own RSS feed (Cf. the feeds page).
  • If you add « /feed » to the URL of a single posting, you will get the feed for comments on that specific content-item.
  • Every tag or category has its own feed. Go to the overview page and add /feed to the url.


This page is inspired from Ton Zijlstra‘s Hello and Feeds pages.

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