Christian Bühlmann, Ph. D.

ORCID record : 0000-0002-4566-3794

Christian Bühlmann was born in 1962 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Until the end of February 2024, he was the Director, Centre Support and Development at the Geneva Centre for Security, Geneva (GCSP). He was seconded from the Swiss Armed Forces.

Prior to this assignment, he gained extensive experience in the area of defence policy, politics, and military strategy as Senior Advisor to the Chief of Swiss Armed Forces. He has over 35 years of combined civilian and military experience. His previous appointments include : Head of Sales Defence at a major Swiss company (as a civilian) as well as head of doctrine research and development (as a regular officer).

He graduated from the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne (Computer Science Engineer, MSc), and the Swiss Military Academy. He received a Master of Arts in International Studies (King’s College, London) after attending the Royal College of Defence Studies, London. In his spare time, he completed a PhD thesis entitled « Acteurs et transformations des politiques de défense militaire suisses (1948–2008) sous l’angle du cadre des coalitions advocatives » (Actors and transformations of Swiss military defence policies (1948-2008) from the perspective of the advocacy coalition framework).

Christian Bühlmann co-authored a book on a Colonel Daniel Reichel, a maverick Swiss military thinker, and has published numerous article on doctrine, strategy, defence policy, and history.

He is a Swiss national; his mother tongue is French and he is proficient in German and English


  • Swiss armed forces contemporary doctrine, Swiss defence policy, Swiss politics
  • Strategic and military advisory
  • Influence of (political) ideas on the transformation of (defence) policy
  • Policy Analysis
  • International Relations with a focus on East-Asia.
  • Virtual and Face to Face courses planning and delivery
  • International Geneva
  • Creative presentations.

Employment History




–      French       mother tongue
–      English      read, written, and spoken
–      German     read and spoken  (written – average).

Cultural Interests and Physical Recreation

–      Policy, Politics, History, International Relations, Strategy
–      Photography
–      Classical Music (Concerts, Opera)
–      Hiking, Jogging, Mountain Bike, Ski.



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