On October 5 and 6, the GCSP organized a workshop entitled « Outlook and Opportunities in the MENA Region: Analytics and Options for the Swiss MENA Strategy » in collaboration with the CCDP – Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding.
The workshop brought together 27 international experts to assess current and future challenges and developments in the #MENA region. Based on preliminary desk research undertaken by Dr. Farrah Hawana, the experts discussed current geopolitical, social and economic trends in the region. Topics such as #peace, #security, governance, human rights, #migration, economic affairs, #science, sustainable development and #climatechange were discussed and analyzed by the experts. A country-specific analysis was also undertaken in order to obtain important inputs from experts based in the region.
A special thanks goes to all the experts who contributed to the workshop: Hassan Abul-Enein, Maryam Alemzadeh, Rim Aljabi, Riccardo Bocco, Natasha Carmi, Andrea C., Jerome Drevon, Seraina Eldada, Maria Luisa Fantappie, Jalel Harchaoui, Peter Harling, Nadim Houry, Lina Khatib, Jean-Marc Rickli, Carole Rizkallah Alsharabati, Bilal Salaymeh, Alexander Tyler, Achim Wennmann.
Based on the outcomes of the workshop, the GCSP experts (Thomas Greminger, Tobias Vestner, Maréva Roduit, Marc George, Dr Christian Bühlmann, Anca Munteanu, PhD) and CCDP experts (Keith Krause, Farrah Hawana, Alaa Tartir, PhD., Souhail BELHADJ KLAZ) then discussed #policy options for the next Swiss strategy for the MENA region with FDFA representatives (Rascha Osman, Gabriele Guzzi, Vanessa Di Giorgi). A report on the challenges and prospects for the MENA region, together with policy options and recommendations for #Switzerland, will be submitted to the FDFA next month. Part of the research will also be published in the GCSP publication series.
Find more of our publications here: https://bit.ly/3PUtJt8

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  1. Honored to have contributed to the #policy options for the next "Swiss MENA Strategy".

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