Dr Siobhán Martin

GCSP – Deputy Head, Executive Education/Director, Leadership in International Security Course

This week, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy was delighted to welcome 22 participants from 21 countries across the globe, as participants in the 38th edition of our 8-month Leadership in International Security Course.
They will be at GCSP until the end of May 2024, engaging with over 130 experts on a wide range of topics in international peace and security, simultaneously enhancing their leadership skillset and network, to more effectively navigate the issues and challenges in our international environment today.
During the course opening, GCSP’s Executive Director Ambassador Thomas Greminger and Deputy Executive Director Christina Orisich addressed the group which includes participants from Malawi, Togo, Oman and Costa Rica for the first time.
Collectively the group has over 370 years of experience and we very much look forward to facilitating their learning and leadership journeys throughout the next 8 months!

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One thought on “9 October 2023 – Leadership in International Security Course – Course Opening

  1. Welcome to the GCSP and to Switzerland! Looking forward to further interesting interactions.

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