[REPOST] – Symposium « War in Europe: Global Perspectives for Military Leaders »

Yesterday, the GCSP organized a symposium entitled « War in Europe: Global Perspectives for Military Leaders » at the Swiss Armed Forces Military Caserne in #Bern under the leadership of Tobias Vestner, Maréva Roduit and Christian Bühlmann. 85 general staff officers were offered strategic viewpoints and insights into the implications of #war.
In their introductory remarks, Ambassador Thomas Greminger and Lieutenant General Thomas Suessli presented the key points of the war and outlined the general implications from a #Swiss and global perspective. Ambassador Thomas Greminger explained the possible scenarios for the future and presented the necessary elements for rebuilding European #security, such as restoring #trust, military risk reduction and the transformation of « In-between countries » into « Bridge countries ». A panel of experts then discussed the geopolitical implications of the conflict for Europe (Ambassador Thomas Greminger), China, Russia, the United States (Neil Melvin) and the Global South (Ambassador Yvette Stevens), and how these countries are repositioning themselves in the international order.
In interactive workshops, our GCSP experts discussed the future challenges that could arise in terms of #defense postures, modern #warfare and non-military security threats to global security. Dr. Jamie Shea explained how NATO is taking a step backwards towards collective defense, and how the EU is moving forward with #coordination and consolidation of synergies. Jean-Marc Rickli demonstrated the exponential nature of emerging technologies and how their convergence should lead us to greater foresight, #resilience and polymath thinking. Finally, Christina Schori Liang highlighted the considerable influence of non-state actors on the balance of #power and international public opinion.
The symposium led to fruitful discussions between global experts and Swiss military leaders.