I have attended the Partnership for Peace Consortium two-day conference at the Eibsee Hotel near Garmisch – Partenkirchen. Interesting meetings and insight on the future of defense and security education.

The Partnership for Peace Consortium held yesterday the first of a two-day conference at the Eibsee Hotel with the theme on how Russia’s war against Ukraine changed the future of defense and security education. Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, Todor Tagarev, gave opening remarks. Then working groups held panels on lessons learned from the war, how distance learning has been used in Ukraine and how to utilize AI in education.
📍On training and readiness lessons learned: The war that began in February 2014 and escalated in 2022 presented extraordinary military training and readiness challenges. Military instructors emerged as an indispensable part of this process. 📍Distance learning emerged as a big part of the Ukrainian effort: in 2022, about 20 online seminars, schools and webinars for military surgeons and therapists have been held.
📍On the topic of Artificial Intelligence: There will never be a future time when there is LESS AI in military training. Now is the time to invest in your AI training program before you are left behind.
Today, the focus will be on the Black Sea and Western Balkans – stay tuned for more!

Second Day

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