On Friday, 22 June, the GCSP and the Permanent Mission of Georgia jointly organised an Executive Breakfast Discussion with H.E. Mr David Dondua, Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Head of the Georgian Delegation to the Geneva International Discussions on the Russia-Georgia conflict. The aim of this Executive Breakfast Discussion was to provide an update on the current situation in Georgia’s contested territories, the current dynamics of the Geneva International Discussions (GID), and the steps undertaken by the Georgian Government in the field of conflict resolution. [It was moderated by Col Christian Bühlmann, Head of the Regional Perspectives Programme.]

J'ai présenté au participants de la "Matinée privilège" d'Optimiso Group le 21 juin 2018 une conférence sur les différences culturelles.

The ‘Barn Owls Know No Boundaries’ project brings people from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to work together on solving environmental challenges. Nature conservation efforts, such as this one, are beneficial for all communities. More often than not, these benefits go beyond just biodiversity protection. Indeed, they may facilitate constructive dialogue across divides in conflict zones and perhaps even integrate nature conservation into peacebuilding interventions.

L'assemblée générale ordinaire de l'ASHSM a eu lieu le 26 mai 2018 au Musée Gutenberg à Fribourg.