[RAMAGE]  /ʁa.maʒ/ masculin 

1. Chant des petits oiseaux qui se tiennent dans les rameaux.

"Que vous êtes joli ! que vous me semblez beau !
Sans mentir, si votre ramage se rapporte à votre plumage,
vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois."
(Jean de La FontaineLe Corbeau et le Renard)

2. Discours dénué de sens.

"Pour vous soulager un peu de ce ramage barbare des grammaires…" (Diderot)

Source: wiktionary

Rockin Twitter Bird by James Dalman

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'Star Wars' Endor holocaust fan theory is legit - Tech Insider

Authors: [REPOST]

There's a disturbance in the force, but this time it's coming from scientists.

Disney's new "Star Wars[1]" movie, "The Force Awakens," picks up years beyond where the last film in the series, "Return of the Jedi," left off: after the cataclysmic explosion of Death Star II, a moon-size weapon...

Disney/LucasfilmThe Death Star II explodes into smithereens.

The colossal ship orbited the forest world Endor and, after it blows up, the Rebel Alliance and its hairy Ewok friends party in the trees. Everyone and everything is hunky-dory.

Until you ask a physicist — or a dozen, as Tech Insider did — what happens when you detonate a giant metal sphere above a lush green world. The answer is downright chilling.

"The Ewoks are dead. All of them," said one researcher and self-professed "Star Wars" fan, who wrote a white paper exclusively for Tech Insider.

Each scientist who responded to our emails quibbled over the exact details, yet a strong consensus emerged in support of a popular fan theory: The "Endor Holocaust[2]" is inevitable, and a threat to the plausibility of any future movies (galactic bankruptcy[3] be damned).

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