[REPOST] The Swiss Professional Officers Training Course (SPOT) opens


The Swiss Professional Officers Training Course (SPOT) has started this week on the Monday, March 9th. This one week-long course provides expert training in the broad field of international security to Swiss professional (regular) officers. The objective is the transfer of knowledge and the broadening of the conceptual understanding of international security issues with a special emphasis on questions related to global and regional security, as well as the role of states and international institutions in conflict management and peacebuilding. The teaching methodology includes lectures, panel discussions and informal group discussion-making exercises. A large number of presentations were given by staff members of the GCSP, experts in the field and the Swiss federal administration.




On their first day, SPOT participants had the opportunity of working with participants of the European Training Course in Security Policy in a “Geopolitics Game” where the group shared knowledge in a participatory way recognising regional perspectives on global issues and analysing the differences between these in order to evaluate the risks and chances resulting from these differences. This is a unique opportunity to interact with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.




Source: http://www.gcsp.ch/Regional-Development/Programme-News/The-Swiss-Professional-Officers-Training-Course-SPOT-opens

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