[REPOST] GCSP Alumni Gather in Yangon, Colombo, New Delhi and Brussels

[REPOST] GCSP Alumni Gather in Yangon, Colombo, New Delhi and Brussels GCSP

The GCSP’s Alumni Affairs offers social and intellectual engagement opportunities to its graduates and current course participants.

It is inspiring to see GCSP alumni united, learn from their rich experiences and hear about their achievements following their studies in Geneva. In the off years between the biennial international security policy conference hosted in Geneva, the GCSP’s Alumni Affairs reaches out to its alumni in different geographic regions with informal alumni receptions and partnered conferences and events. Over the past three months, we have met with our alumni in Yangon, Colombo, New Delhi, and the members of the GCSP’s Alumni Community Hub in Brussels. The gathering of the Training Course on International Relations, Democratisation and Human Security alumni was held in Yangon, Myanmar on 26 February.

GCSP alumni from the first three editions of the Myanmar course (2013 - 2015) took part in the meeting and shared their experiences with the new course participants of this year’s edition. Another group of GCSP alumni met in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 11 March, among them was the Chief of Defence Staff of Sri Lanka, Air Chief Marshal K A. Gunatilleke. The alumni represented different ministries and universities of Sri Lanka. A new module of the GCSP’s Defence Attaché Orientation Course will be staged for South and South-East Asia in Colombo next December. The New Delhi GCSP alumni also gathered on 14 March at the residence of the Swiss Defence Attaché Colonel (GS) Christoph Gertsch and were able to network with local think tank representatives and the GCSP’s Head of Regional Development Programme, Col (GS) Christian Bühlmann and Responsible of the Military Diplomacy Cluster, Col Urs Amiet. In Brussels members of B-GCSP, the Belgian GCSP Alumni Community Hub and other distinguished guests met at a reception coordinated on 1 March with His Excellency, Swiss Ambassador to Belgium and to NATO, Christian Meuwly. B-GCSP, the Belgian GCSP Alumni Community Hub, has now been operational for 9 years and provides a platform for GCSP alumni of Belgian nationality and other alumni temporarily based in Brussels.


Source: http://bcn.li/s/ae0z7

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